The Racket Jacket Story

I have four favorite tennis rackets. And keep them in my car at all times. (Along with tennis clothes and shoes – just in case I find that I can jump into an impromptu drop-in or tennis meet-up). Each one of my rackets has slightly different tension and feel - I always choose just one for each game, class, or practice.

One early evening, a friend and I were walking on to the court for a twilight game of doubles (me, with my naked back-of-the-car-tossed racket) and I thought, “I wish I had a fun, stylish, blingy, sassy racket head cover for my tennis racket".

That evening I searched the internet for tennis racket covers. I pride myself as a pretty savvy online shopper, but could not find anything close to what I had envisioned. I was totally surprised at how limited the selections were!

I found lots of tennis “bags” – mostly huge duffle bags. These are great if you need to carry more than 4 or 5 rackets onto the court at one time. But I really just wanted one super cool head cover – maybe even with a pocket, I thought, to hold my wrist bands, keys, cell phone, and a couple of $$ for court fees.

Instantly, I “saw” in my mind exactly what I wanted to create.

That weekend, I sourced some ultra-cool shiny vinyl crocodile-like fabric, and designed the first prototype. Pics below of the very first one!


The first head cover had a zipper placed at top, which was okay. But I soon realized that this design was a bit cumbersome –it was a little awkward getting the racket out.  Plus, the surface inside the vinyl itself was a little “gripping” in texture, making quick removal even trickier.

The next two designs saw a restructuring of the entire cover – it needed to be more “fitted” to the racket, less material, and provide better access for getting the racket in and out. Here is a pic of the first hand-sewn prototype for this design:


The next set of prototypes were completely functional. And I was excited to get them out and about – for a real-world test. They were really fun, and great to use. And definitely eye-catching.


The last step to a final design would be the inclusion of a sturdy pocket – to hold keys, wrist bands, a few dollars, ID, and phone. I really didn’t need a bulky gym bag with anything else – especially for quick drop-in games, and tennis lessons.

So, the last set of design additions were the zipper-pocket, adjustable should strap, and satin lining. Luxurious satin protects my rackets – enables easy-in and easy-out, and looks super slick!

All SirkusWorks Racket Jackets are designed by me. They are hand cut, individually – NOT factory machine assembled. They are sewn by a team of artisans, one piece at a time. Only twenty-five pieces are ever created at one time. Racket Jackets are designed, cut, and sewn in Los Angeles, California using materials that are made both in the U.S.A. and abroad. 

I look forward to exploring different colors and textures. So if you don’t see your favorite color, or the style that you want is no longer available, please reach out – and I’ll try to get your favorite into the next group of pieces that we make.

Thank you for visiting!

M. Sirkus
Designer, Racket Jacket